Amanda & Ifeanyi pre wedding

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Ive been looking forward to shooting the pictures of this couple when their dates were booked,i met both Amanda and Ifeanyi on the day of this shoot at Onitsha, it was obvious that both love each other while shooting at the shore of River Niger shore Onitsha and i had to ask them how they met and Ifeanyi has this to say.
On a very sunny afternoon, I decided to pay a friend of mine a visit in her office. I arrived as intended and did the usual catching up. Then within the pound of a heart beat, I saw one beautiful young lady chilling in her cubicle few meters away from where I was. I acted like I dint notice her and kept the conversation with my friend going. Later on, I had to leave the office and on my way out, this beautiful lady walked to the door to ask my friend for a favour and that was when I told myself that I had to get a number, a name, a black berry pin, anything. Lol. I told my friend to help me with her name and any possible means of reaching her, however this was subject to her (Amanda) approval. Long story short, I got a pin after her royal highness agreed to let me have it, and then I had to wait for days for her to accept my bbm request. We got talking via bbm and then exchanged numbers. Finally, we fixed a date to see each other (after pictures were sent back and forth). She saw me and the first turn off was my belly (don’t ask, lol). Moments through the conversation, we had a decent laugh at jokes and then fixed another date. This was the date that made me the happiest man alive. She said the deepest words with the mildest effort of speech and her moral stance took a strong tow on my heart (we can’t forget, the priceless clay features that our God, the potter, had made on her, lol). Times went by and we felt like we knew each other since birth. It didn’t take a soothsayer to know that I found a wife and the story continues ever since I put a ring to it…
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