Denike and Dedayo wedding

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I would have love to say much of this couple but don’t know where to start,that’s why i just decided to share with you guys their journey to the alter.
They met in 2005 through a colleague/classmate of his in the University who happened to be Nike’s friend also; she was in year two while he was in year four. The friend came up to Nike and said she should meet his friend Dayo (definitely, they had both talked about her). According to Dayo, that wasn’t the first time of seeing Nike. He said he met Nike in the Law library where she sat close to him (Nike obviously doesn’t remember this) and was gisting with her friends, disturbing him (she still talks! Agbejoro lol) but he had to put up with it because he was attracted to Nike and didn’t want to ruin his chances with her (God saved him lol).
So on that Monday morning, precisely 14th November,2005 (now you know why they chose to tie the knot same week in November,aww sooo sweet!) they spoke for the first time along the walk way between Diploma class and LLM class at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. According to Nike, they chatted lightly and in her mind she was liking him already because he was well dressed and smelt soo good(He stil does).The only thing she remembers from their discussion was when Dayo asked for her number. In a bid to sound modest, Nike told him to get it from his colleague that introduced them but he immediately refused and told her that he wanted her to give him by herself which was why he asked for it in the presence of his friend (that was BOLD!). Nike had no choice but to give him and he called as promised. Dayo would call Nike for several minutes non-stop like it was going out of fashion! There was never a day that they didn’t see or speak on phone. They just got fond of each other.
Then he finally asked Nike to be his girlfriend after a while which she refused. She told him, in her exact words: ‘I just want to be free in school- no boyfriend, just me and my books (loool)’. Her reason being that she had told her friends when they newly got into school that she couldn’t date anyone in same school with her let alone same faculty and she was all out to achieve that.
He kept on calling and wanting to see her after lectures every day, Dayo never gave up on the friendship. The point where she realised the bond between them was when she went home from school for the weekend and she lost her phone. There was no way she could reach him as she didn’t have his number stored anywhere but on the phone that was missing. It was on a Sunday and she was to return to school on Monday. She felt so broken not hearing from him and was all alone in her room sad, not for the phone, but because she couldn’t get through to him after attempting to call several random numbers.
It was Monday; his class just finished a lecture. As his colleagues were leaving the Faculty lecture theatre (FLT), her class was to go into the same lecture room and she was looking out for him all around but he was not there. She stood outside wishing he would just appear but when he was not in sight, she summoned up courage to talk to one of her classmate (Lekan Dairo) who happened to be his friend and he gave her his number. Happily, she called Dayo and he told her he was in the library (the lecture that just ended for his class was an elective which he was not taking) so she informed him that they would see after her lecture.
After that episode, they both realised (the actual point this happened they still can’t say though months away) they couldn’t help but be together. Cupid found them along the line and struck!
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